Knock knock... is this blog still alive?

dear anyone & everyone,

hi! it’s me! i’m still alive & well, and still shooting weddings, engagements, senior sessions, families, like a crazy person :)

safe to say of all the things on my to-do list, my blog gets neglected the most… because i’m busy serving the people who are MOST important day in and day out - my clients. (read…. editing, album design, shooting, emailing, contracts, gift-giving, napping a Sunday away after a long wedding day…. :))

if you’re here poppin’ around trying to find all the pretty pics, feel free to browse any gallery you’d like (all complete, full days!) on my gallery site.

my goal?: by December’s end, you’ll see so many pretty blog posts on here, your socks will be knocked off! but i also have so much fun and vacay time planned with my fam over the next two months, so, no guarantees ;)

as always, i’m active and real over on Instagram, and I’m always an e-mail away (christina at christinapugh dot com).

love love love,


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