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How Shooting Film Has Changed My Life

If you're under the age of 20 or so, you may not remember ever seeing camera film around your house. Growing up, my mom loved to photograph anything and everything - and prior to digital cameras, I remember rolls and rolls of 35mm film everywhere. She had shoeboxes of negatives and album of 4x6 prints of her film from Wolf Camera. 

I only recently started incorporating film into my business a few months ago. All of the photographers I most admired used film - and there was something about the light, the color, the feel of the photos that resonated deeply with me. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a film camera. First, on a 35mm camera, and now, also a medium format Pentax 645n.

Though I am still on the fringes of exploring all that film can offer (I would love to be shooting 50% of film or more each wedding!), I have already learned so much and been challenged anew with each setting. 

Film has forced me to look at everything with a creative eye, immediately, upon first shot. Since film costs money (and there are only 16 photographs in a medium format film roll), each shot is intentional, and focused, and deliberate. I compose an image, meter for the lighting, think about what I shot I want to curate, and hold my camera steady as I count down for my subjects. 

As a creative, I NEED constant inspiration. I need boundaries and limitations to force me into an uncomfortable place of creativity, where I am so focused on composition, light, and posing that each photograph proves to be uniquely striking.

Film has allowed me to take a breath of fresh air and reframe my process on more than one occasion. It has taught me to be patient, to be intentional, and to slow down and find the beautiful moments in front of me.



Thanks to my lovely friend + colleague Shannon Griffin for mentoring me in film, always being my Wikipedia, and for taking the photo of me above. You're the best lady a girl could ask for, for anything. <3 Another huge shoutout to Leilani Golden, who has also sparked my love for film, answered my questions, and helped me learn about loading, shooting, and metering on multiple occasions. The two of you are truly my favorites.