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how to make the most out of Pinterest for wedding planning

I'm going to be totally honest with y'all and tell you that I have absolutely no idea how wedding planning was done before our modern technology age. Never have we had so many ideas, so much varied inspiration, and such a vast array of resources at our fingertips. 

Pinterest is such a wonderful asset in this day and age. It's the Google for images that inspire, create, and help us dream. Wedding-related or otherwise, it is the virtual, visual daydreaming tool for almost anything you're envisioning. 


Most single ladies have spent countless hours in front of the television or with music blaring as the breeze blows through the curtains, adding pins to clothing boards, craft idea boards, yummy recipe boards, and, of course, wedding inspiration boards. Before there is even a significant other or fiancé, we are already dreaming of what our dress will look like.... our bouquet.... our jewelry.... our venue. And what a collection we have to pull from! 

For all of you lovely engaged ladies out there, the time is here. Now the planning becomes reality. The bouquet photos become inspiration for tangible florals you will hold, that will adorn your altar and reception tables, and that will be the perfect piece to lay against bridesmaid dresses. The bride and groom photos you've loved so much will now be yours. So.... where do we go with all of our Pinterest pieces?

In order to make the most out of your Pinterest collecting and planning, I have offered FOUR tips below to maximize the use of your boards and utilize your inspiration to create something that is uniquely your own. <3



You know that big board you have of all-of-the-wedding-things? The one with fall-inspired bouquets and summertime beach photos? It's time to narrow that baby down. By now, hopefully you have a date set - if not, you have a season you're pretty set on. Use that to narrow down which photos from your big board will stay. Same with your venue - are you getting married in a church? Outdoors? In a barn? Depending on this, again, some photos will stay.... some will go. Create a new board specific for your day. This board should encompass the theme you want, the season your wedding will be in, and realistic inspiration for your day (it may be hard to get a beach photo if your wedding is in the mountains. <3) This is what I call YOUR BOARD. This is purely for your planning, inspiration, and for you to collage all of your ideas.


Consider creating separate, individual boards for your vendors. With flowers especially, sometimes it can be hard to articulate what you're envisioning (especially if you're like me and struggle with the names of flowers). Find bouquets that inspire you, and in the caption write what it is you like about them. Share that board with your florist. You can do the same with your baker, your hair and makeup artists, and your photographer.


To be completely honest, almost nothing overwhelms me more than receiving a Pinterest board link of 50 bride and groom photos, all of which carry different themes, different lighting, different weather/surroundings, and a multitude of photography styles. It's hard for me to pinpoint what it is my bride and groom are looking for without any explanation. Label each image, writing WHAT YOU LIKE about the image. I may look at the image and think, "Wait... why do they want a photo barefoot on the beach? Aren't they getting married in January at a ranch?" When what you really saw was the laughter the couple shared as he picked her up and swung her around. Typing in the caption: playful, fun, silly, movement helps me understand what you're attracted to, versus trying to analyze the image and guess what you love most about it. That way, even though we'll be on your gorgeous ranch and not the sandy beach, I know the mood you'd like radiating from your images.


Remember that Pinterest is inspiration - not a blueprint. Any vendor, whether it be a photographer, florist, cake baker, decorator, hair artist, makeup artist, etc., should be chosen because you like who they are as an artist. Exact replicas of Pinterest photos and ideas (Pinterest Fails, anyone?) are typically unrealistic to plan for, as so many factors go into what made that image what it was. (Maybe her hair was 14" longer than yours will be on the wedding day; maybe that photo was taken because the sun fell perfectly into the chapel along the pews). Would you walk into your favorite restaurant, handing the chef a bunch of ingredients and a recipe? Probably not. Chances are, you would just trust his or her expertise and the talent you've seen proven over and over again at that very restaurant. In a similar fashion, have that same faith in your vendors. Research, research, research. If you love who they are as an artist, chances are, you'll love the art they create - whether it's been featured yet on Pinterest or not.


Happy Pinterest planning! Would love to connect and follow you. You can find me on Pinterest here.