A Saturday Morning, and Some Pretty Pictures

What does a wedding photographer do on a free Saturday? Well, I don't know about others... but I sleep in. Delay doing anything productive. Have an extra cup of coffee. Warm a bagel in the oven. Pet my cat, since, after all, it is National Cat Day. 

I just returned from Tallahassee, where I visited my most favorite Florida photographer, Shannon Griffin. We had a workcation, on our computers side by side, giving and receiving input, talking about the year, about future plans, about when we could photograph together again. Oh, and then we ate some delicious food and bought some pretty plants.

Some other things on the docket today? Working out at Orange Theory. Perusing Whole Foods. Cleaning, organizing, and making my giveaway pile. Opening film scans and looking at pretty images like these. Man, does Portra 800 make skin look pretty.

Oh, and Editing. Lots and lots of editing....

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?