Greg + Allison | A Charleston Waterfront Proposal

Greg and Allison's story began at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, when she was a student and he a Christian Campus Fellowship intern. Though each had eyes for another early on, they waited until Greg's internship came to a close before beginning to officially date... and so their relationship journey began. Their first year together was long-distance, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment for a new relationship! Greg had accepted a job at Boeing in Charleston, and Allison was an intern at the same organization at Georgia Tech the following school year, so trips between Charleston and Atlanta wove the fibers for the two to become closer and fall even more surely in love with one another. As time passed, feelings grew stronger, talks of the future became a stronger reality, and their commitment to one another strengthened and solidified. Following the conclusion of her internship, Allison also relocated to Charleston, also accepting a job at Boeing!

It was only fitting that their relationship in this new part of the Southeast lay the ground for the perfect place for Greg to propose. He arranged with a friend to use the land and dock behind one of Charleston's historic homes on the waterfront, eagerly anticipating asking Allison to spend the rest of her life with him. It rained all afternoon.... and the skies cleared up for the proposal, leaving a mist over the docks and a perfect window for an intimate outdoor proposal.

I have known Greg for 5 years now, and he is truly the best friend anyone could ask for. He has been with me through unimaginable difficulty and life's deepest wounds. I consider him one of the most - if not the most - respectable people I have ever met in my entire life. Everyone who meets him learns quickly that he lives fully, loves truly, and pursues wholeheartedly. Allison, you have caught yourself a truly wonderful man, and I am so excited to see the journey your new life together will take you both. Cheers to you both... and thanks for letting me attend the wedding and enjoy it:) (though you know i'll take pics of you both any day. Just ask.)

With much love,


Charleston, South Carolina
Canon 5D Mark III | 50mm 1.2L
Pentax 645n | Portra 400 +2 (Proposal) | Fuji 400h (Dock Photos)
Film Scanned at The FIND Lab