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I can currently make about 10 solid dishes in the kitchen successfully --- most of which I stumbled into, or make up as I go along. This salsa recipe is one of my "signature" recipes, and is requested often by friends and family for taco nights or just for afternoon snacking.

I know it's winter, and while salsa perhaps leans more summer, I wanted to post this in spirit of the New Year and eating healthy. The great news about this salsa (or, in the consistency I chop it, more like pico de gallo) is that it's compliant with whole30, it's gluten-free, and it's vegan. Not to mention the salsa itself is purely veggies + limes, meaning it's low in calorie and full of good stuff. (But no promises on the tortilla chips you pair it with. ;) ) Did I mention it also tastes delicious and fresh?

For the salsa, you'll need tomatoes, an onion (I've used sweet, white, and yellow - all are great. Like I said before, I tend to sort of make this stuff up as I go along...), at least one bunch of cilantro, some limes, and salt. That's it. It's the simplest, easiest, quickest thing to snack on and its freshness is unparalleled. If you're feeling super adventurous or are savvy in the kitchen, try adding some garlic, jalapeños, roasted peppers, or sundried tomatoes. 

I have to tell you - no matter what your experience level in the kitchen is,  you can totally do this. On a scale of 1 to 10 in kitchen skills, I am at approximately a 2, and I rock this mess like it ain't no thang. The secret to chopping the tomatoes and onion is to cut in grid-like lines, turn on the side, and chop. Pretty little small square chunks will fall right off. The cilantro takes a bit longer, as I recommend tearing all the leaves off of the stems (versus chopping it all and picking the stem pieces out). Once you get a hang of the chopping, it's as simple as throwing everything in a bowl.

 Step by step instructions (+ on the first image on this post):

1. Slice tomato in grid-like fashion, horizontal and vertical. Turn on it's side and slice downward, creating small square chunks that fall onto the cutting board. Repeat with all of the tomatoes and the onion. As your cutting board fills, empty pieces into a large bowl.

2. Rinse cilantro, and tear leaves off of the stems. Put the leaves together in a close pile and do a rough chop through so as to not have any large leaves leftover.

3. Combine tomatoes, onion, and cilantro in large bowl. Cut limes in half and squeeze juice out into the bowl. Stir.

4. sprinkle sea salt over the salsa and taste. You want the flavor to be full and tasty, but not too salty. Add bits at a time until it tastes just right (You'll keep tasting it, and you'll just know.... trust me. *heart eyes*.)

Happy Snacking! What are your favorite healthy snacks? How do you plan to eat better + stay active this New Year? (P.S. I had some brownies this afternoon, so you know, show yourself some grace sometimes and eat vegetables and quinoa other times.)

xoxo - C