Devi + Ryan | Engagement Session at The Redcliffe Plantation in Augusta, GA

Devi and Ryan met each other a few years back, while departing from a mission trip in Augusta. Since Augusta was the location of their first meeting, where they're in school now, and since both of their families are local to Augusta, it was only fitting that we documented their engaged love there. We roamed around The Redcliffe Plantation, taking advantage of the gorgeous greens that flourished despite the chilling temperatures.

If I'm being totally honest, in my initial phone consultation with Devi, I thought, There is no way she is going to hire me. She is way too awesome. How is she even on the phone with me right now?! Because y'all, that's how Devi is. I had the great pleasure of meeting Devi and getting to know her a bit in college at Georgia Tech, and nowhere had I ever met a woman so kind, so genuine, so lovely, and so beautiful inside and out. In the same breath she could be encouraging and funny; heartfelt and easy-going. Not to mention, she is so smart and so driven. Both she and Ryan are in medical school right now in Augusta. (!!)

I hadn't met Ryan until our engagement shoot --- on a late Sunday afternoon in early January. He, too, exhibited such a genuine kindness and sense of humor. Watching the two newly engaged interact, it wasn't long before I could see how well they complemented one another.... and how excited I was to be a part of that process. (Have I mentioned they're in MEDICAL SCHOOL? You guys, me passing plain old Chemistry at Georgia Tech was no less than a miracle straight from God. I'm telling you, I was in the midst of greatness with these two.)

It was my true honor + absolute pleasure to photograph such a sweet, treasured moment of time for these two. I cannot wait to document their love as they become husband + wife in July!!

The great advantage to the Redcliffe Plantation was the diversity of the scenery. I loved the trees, the fields, the old plantation house.....

Have I mentioned how much I love shooting at sunset, when the yellow glow is filtering through the trees? Oh my....

Before we ended our session, D + R really wanted to get a photo with Devi's engagement ring and the verse in 1 John: We love because He first loved us. Beautiful. 

Devi + Ryan, thank you SO much for the honor of allowing me to document the beginnings of your life together. I cannot WAIT to see where your journey takes you. <3