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Mondays can be so difficult, can't they? There's nothing like having a Sunday of relaxing + Netflix and then having to wake up the next morning - early - to begin the work week. It's easy to slip into frustration and exhaustion. And understandably so.

Now, I am no champion of glee and optimism on a Monday morning, but I HAVE found some things that help kick off the work week well.

First, I PLAN ON SUNDAY. I have found a planner from Day Designer that I absolutely adore. I use it to mark off my appointments, deadlines, consultations, and goals for each week. (I stumbled upon the planner in Anthropologie in Times Square in December, and knew immediately I needed it). Knowing where I'm headed and when helps prepare me for the week and minimize the number of surprises or "whoops, i forgot"s during the week.

Second, I ADD JOY TO MY TO-DO LIST. Once, my week was so busy and stressful (finals week at Georgia Tech a few years back) that I added to my to-do list "bake some cookies and eat them. From the Nestle tub is fine." This is how you win to-do lists, ladies and gents. Now a days, on a run-of-the-mill week, I'll add other things that bring joy to my week - like, get dinner with a friend or watch a movie and make popcorn. These kinds of "tasks" re-energize me and prepare me for the work I do with the rest of my time.

Third, I REGULATE MY WORK HOURS. I can't stress how important this is. I heard the expression "When you run your own business, you trade a 9-5 for a 24/7." Which is 100% true. But if all I did was reply to e-mails, blog, edit, publish, consult, photograph, file documents, manage the books, have phone calls, prepare timelines, draft contracts, and print documents from sun-up to sun-down, I would be drained so quickly that my work hours would soon render themselves ineffective. At 5pm, I leave all e-mails unread for replies the next morning, and I only edit photos if I want to (you never know when the creativity will strike).

When I was younger, my dad was moving up at the company he worked for. They soon expected him to be available to take calls and reply to e-mails 24/7 - Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 8am, Tuesday at 10pm. He drew lines. He told me: Getting the next promotion doesn't compare to my time with you. I am a father first. And he was a better father - and person - for creating those boundaries.

So PLAN, search for JOY, and create healthy BOUNDARIES. Your work, your people, and your self will thank you for it. We can make it through Monday. <3