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I love lists and planners. I currently own three different planners for 2016 - all of which serve a different purpose, all of which have my handwriting neatly in the boxes of important upcoming dates and travel plans. You could say I LOVE making plans and looking to the future -- making goals and resolutions; writing my hopes and dreams.

But as I eagerly push toward 2016, I was reminded to look back and reflect upon 2015, too: perhaps one of my favorite - and most challenging - years yet. I had 18 weddings in 2015, each as unique and different from the last. I met wonderful, kind couples, who beamed both in our inquiry meetings and in front of my camera. I grew as a business woman, wearing many hats as accountant, secretary, host, technology troubleshooter, editor, album curator, and my favorite: photographer. I learned, perhaps in challenging ways, how to manage tasks differently and become more timely.

I already have so many couples lined up for the 2016 wedding season, and I am just as excited to see their journeys as I have been for my couples in 2015. I will kick off the year no sooner than this Saturday, celebrating Kristen + Chris! 

In celebration of a successful end to 2015, here are FIVE things I am thankful for this year, and FIVE things I am looking forward to next year.....

1. Went from FOUR weddings (in 2014) to EIGHTEEN in 2015.
2. Traveled to New York for a mini-vacation with my close friend.
3. Opened my own client space in Midtown Atlanta.
4. Began exercising regularly and became more conscious of food choices.
5. Became an Atlanta Hawks season ticket holder! Woot woot!

1. Photograph TWENTY or more weddings.
2. Begin a regular practice of yoga.
3. Read at least TWELVE books (recommendations welcome!)
4. Spend more time cooking + photographing recipes (which I'll share here ;))
5. Use better time management + give myself more time to breathe!

I'd love to hear your achievements and your goals! Cheers to a fantastic 2015, and for a hopeful, joy-filled 2016. xoxo