I love engagement sessions - for so many reasons. They allow me to get to know my couples, find out a little bit more about their story, and help them feel more at ease in front of the camera lens. Not to mention, who doesn't love some adorable photos of you + your best friend?

Melissa and Gino found me at the Georgia Bridal Show in Gwinnett in September. As soon as they finalized their wedding date for next July, we booked immediately! I love following up with brides from the show - especially ones as fun, kind, and gorgeous as these two. I am HONORED to capture your love, M + G, and I can't wait for your big day. <3

As soon as I saw Melissa and Gino walking towards me from their home in downtown Atlanta, I knew there was something special about them. Not only were they absolutely gorgeous, but the love between them was evident - like they were always meant to be together....

Gino was a pro at making Melissa smile -- and what a beautiful smile it is!

He was also a pro at making her laugh, all throughout our session. Thanks, Gino, for being a great assistant and making my job easier! 

Everything about Melissa and Gino resonates that they belong together - from the way they look at each other, to how they held each other. And look at that beautiful skin tone -- the light just bounced effortlessly off of Melissa's skin...

Melissa + Gino affectionately refer to their relationship as a "Spellhouse" love -- Melissa attended Spelman, and Gino, Morehouse. They met after graduation at a homecoming....

One of Gino and Melissa's favorite joint activities is to chat over coffee. Condesa Coffee was the perfect spot to stop in the middle of our session for some photos with vanilla lattes (did I mention they also have excellent taste in hot beverages? Vanilla lattes are my fav!)

Melissa and Gino switched up outfits after our coffee break, and, oh my! You two are STUNNING.

Melissa, go onnnnn, girl.

Thank you, Melissa + Gino, for this honor of being your photographer. I am so excited for July to celebrate your love!!