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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions




I arrive calm, collected, prepared, and excited. I follow your day with a combination of documentary and editorial style, allowing moments to unfold as they happen, but also curating as necessary to ensure flattering angles, balanced lighting, and thoughtful composition. Before the wedding day, I assist my clients in creating a timeline that suits their ceremony and sunset times, and I am known for creating beautiful images while also getting you to the next event of the day either early or on time. I wholeheartedly believe that your wedding day should be slowed down and fully appreciated, and I hope to maximize those special moments of gratitude as much as I can. 

Are YOU A DIGITAL OR FILM photographer?

I photograph with medium film, 35mm film, and digital cameras for all of my photography. All photographs are cohesively woven together to create your final gallery. I strive to photograph at a film to digital ratio of approximately 75 (Film)/25 (Digital).

What is the difference between film & digital photos? Can you edit and/or retouch film photos?

Film photography is unparalleled in its retention of highlights, detail, and striking, lovely color. Film negatives are both returned to me in person and sent as digital scans from my lab. As such, you receive the film files the same way you receive your digital files. And yes - film scans can be edited and/or retouched just like any other .jpg file. Below, see the comparison between an unedited digital photo (left) and an unedited film photo (right).

Do you work with a second photographer?

Wedding Collections Two and above include a professional second wedding photographer. I rotate between a few close colleagues, all of whom own their own business + frequently document wedding days. My second photographers can be booked in half- or full-day increments.

How do I receive the photographs from my wedding day?

Wedding galleries are completed within 4-8 weeks of the wedding day and curated into an online gallery for viewing and download access. We cull your gallery to reflect each section of the day, typically yielding 80-100 final images per hour. It is our hope that your photographs will not sit on a computer forever, but rather that they would be preserved in heirlooms and displayed in tangible products. Collections Two and above include custom-made fine art heirlooms.


Do you offer videography coverage?

I do not; however, I am happy to send you recommendations for excellent cinematographers.

When should I schedule additional photography sessions?

Engagement session take place about 6-8 months out from the wedding, and bridal sessions take place about 1 month prior to the wedding. Boudoir sessions can be scheduled at any time. Please be sure to send me a note if you have a print deadline for Save the Dates or would like to place an order for framed portraits at the wedding.

What types of heirloom products do you offer?

I offer a variety of premium quality products, handmade and finished in the United States. My clients love our hand-bound albums, offered at various tiers. I am partial to our print boxes, leather & embossed 11x14 albums, and perfectly framed portraits. I only offer products I would showcase in my own home, and constantly add new items to my catalogue.