The most wonderful time of year starts now.

To celebrate the start of the holiday season & how grateful I am for YOU, we’re celebrating with the biggest sale of the year! Get up to 50% off (yep…. that’s right!) prints & canvases through your online gallery. (Plus, there’s a pretty nifty album deal, too - just keep scrolling!) Be careful to note the cutoff times for each discount, & happy shopping! <3


50% OFF ends Friday night 11:59 EST.
40% OFF ends Saturday night 11:59 EST.
30% OFF ends Sunday night 11:59 EST.
20% OFF ends Monday night 11:59 EST.

Use code THANKFUL.

Now is the best time to buy an album.

Here’s the long and the short of it: your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids aren’t going to scroll through your Facebook, or Instagram. They’re going to rummage through boxes, making houses homes, and they’re going to unwrap your memories in their hands. Tangible, solid, real moments of your life, entered timelessly into theirs. They’re going to giggle about your fashion choices, ask about your wedding party, and revel comparing how they look to how you looked at their age. Plus, they’re just plain pretty to have out on the coffee table.


Seriously - I believe in tangible products with everything in me. That’s why I have one of the most affordable print and canvas gallery prices in the professional photography world. (Less markup = more prints for you = more memories = more happy).

Album prices have never dropped this low, and won’t again anytime soon. Plus, all designs approved by 12/1 will arrive by Christmas.

Need me to convince you further? Let’s hop on a call. I’m happy to help you through every step of this process, figure out what layouts and images speak most to you. There’s something for everyone, whether linen or leather is your thing, and whether you’d like 20 pages or 60 pages.

Ready to get started? Here’s how the process would go.

  1. You pick out your favorite images via your online gallery link. Easy peasy.

  2. I arrange your images in a layout based on the size and orientation of your album, and I send you the design draft.

  3. You make adjustments as necessary until approval, then we finalize your cover material and any engraving details.

  4. Your album is ordered and shows up on your doorstep!

Important things to note:
— Let me know if you need the album by Christmas.
— Engraving is optional, and is an additional cost.
— Up to 2 design revisions are included; additional revisions may be billed.



Size / Page Count / Linen Price / Leather Price

8x8 / 30 pg. / $675 / $715 Regular price $1275 / $1350
additional 10 pages $125/set

10x10 / 30 pg. / $755 / $825 Regular price $1575 / $1650
additional 10 pages $135/set

12x12 / 30 pg. / $925 / $1075 Regular price $1775 / $1900
additional 10 pages $155/set

These prices are only valid through orders placed before Monday night, 11/26/2018, by 11:59pm EST.

Let’s get this party started.

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