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Fine Art Wedding Photographer



so you’re looking for a wedding photographer…

… which probably means you’d like some pretty pictures. It also probably means that you’re banking on receiving a gallery that captures your wedding day as best as possible, showing all the things you remember and some you didn’t…. until now. I could tell you about the exact equipment I use, or the lab that processes my film, or the quantity and specs of my memory cards. But I think what matters more to you - and honestly, to me - is not the mechanics of my job, but rather the heart behind it.


Yes, I will take pretty photos of your wedding day. I will capture all of the details & the small and big moments; I will come with many a lens, camera body, lighting equipment, boxes of film, pouches of memory cards…

But I will also come excited. With a smile. Generous to the most nervous of family members and friends, ensuring portraits of parents are captured, and kids feel comfortable and giggle for the perfect capture. I will look grandma in the eye and offer her a warm greeting, asking if I could please take her portrait with the bride.

I move through family portraits gracefully yet quickly, always ensuring we are running at the very least exactly on time, if not 10 minutes early. I don’t want your day to feel like you have paparazzi and can’t enjoy every minute. I want your day to feel like, yes, we took some photos; but mostly, we had an amazing time, and I wish I could relive it over and over.

Which brings me to your gallery. You will relive the day over and over. You will see photos of moments you couldn’t see day-of (like introductions of the bridal party, and photos of your spouse getting ready). You will see the necessary and standard formal portraits of family and your wedding party. You’ll laugh at dance moves caught on camera, perfectly timed, that were happening out of eyesight.

And there it is, my philosophy: that your photography blows you away without taking you away from the day while you’re in it. That you get pretty couples’ portraits on film that are Insta-worthy, but that you also have memories with all the people most dear to you, whether that’s at the altar or on the dance floor. That your images are timeless, authentic, and true to how the day felt, looked, and truly was.


Sound like you? Head on over to contact me. I’d love to talk more.



courtesy of Shannon Griffin

courtesy of Shannon Griffin

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hey there,

It’s me again. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read about my philosophy, make sure you scroll up and check that out.

Now, wedding and portrait style aside… want to get to know me? I’m the girl who is probably in bed watching Netflix at 10pm on any given night. I’m the girl running on the treadmill at the neighborhood gym, wondering why cookies don’t burn calories instead. I try to find the balance of beauty in all aspects of life, recognizing that sometimes life is really difficult and challenging, but a lot of times, it’s also really beautiful.

I love math, a good Costco run, an afternoon with my one-year-old niece, really good pasta, playing card games, and jetting off to New York City one or five times per year. I’m somewhere at the intersection of Broadway hits, Sunday afternoon naps, cheese dip, and kittens. Oh, and I really like taking pretty pictures.

 I would love to chat & get to know you. Let's see if we're a good fit for each other. Please contact me using the Contact Page.